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Male Pattern Behaviour
Howard Firkin's novel explores the journals of Thomas Furphy to chart his extraordinary journey to discover meaning in the male role, reform the Australian political system, and regain sexual function.
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At Daytrap
“Despite everything he was a loving man, a man with much to give mankind and womankind, a man who in fact did give, who gave until it hurt. And yet, the world was ungrateful, and even contemptuous. Inevitably he was hurt, and hurt again, and again, and again, and again.”
(from the papers of Reginald Wells )

Reginald Wells' explosive tales of life in rural Australia.

Previously only circulated in ragged samizdat manuscript, this collection of short stories is now available in an authoritative version. Destined to become an Australian classic.
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Restoration of the Cliffs
The matriach of the first family of a once-thriving rural community sets out to restore the family fortunes and return their township to prominence.

Dirk Betbuch has created a compelling family saga of individuals trapped in a shared history. Shortlisted for the Maitland District Literary Prize.
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Fit for Nothing
Howard Firkin's eclectic play which features appearances by Martin Heidegger, Anne Hathaway (both of them), and Pish, the spirit of our age.

A story of love triumphant, even as it fails...
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Palmistry ● Christopher Ringrose
Christopher Ringrose's elegant and sophisticated verse explores mysteries, joys, experiences as they unfurl over decades. These are gentle, explorative, contemplative, but always surprising poems which repay reading and re-reading. Palmistry is the record of life which no one ever predicts.
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The eye as it inhales onions ● Lika Posamari
Presenting these intensely personal but always outward-looking poems, Lika Posamari explores the pain, strength, and wisdom that women draw from the complexity of their relationships across generations. These poems invite the reader to share Lika's startling, uncompromising, but ultimately triumphant conclusions.
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The Geometry of a Thought ● Gavin Mndawe
The poems in this collection are playful, energetic, and electrically intellectual. Influenced by the rhythms of rap and its inventive exploration and stretching of language to uncover new and unexpected connections, Gavin presents a collection which is simultaneously joyful and provocative.
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Lightly, on the Skin ● Em König
Em König has assembled a collection which experiments with forms and structures to present his ideas in poems which display themselves like carefully constructed scenes of a single work of theatre. His poetry is unmistakably personal, but never solemn, never self-important or self-obsessed. He shows how the most important touches may only initially touch us lightly, on the skin, but which may reverberate forever.
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real and unreal ● Stephen House
Stephen House's poetry is startling, direct, and fiercely honest. His poems hold your gaze while challenging you to look away. Stephen's poems are a masterful assertion of the existence and persistence of beauty, uncompromised, unblemished, unconquered. Stephen won the 2018 Goolwa Poetry Cup with a performance of two of the poems included in this collection.
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