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The Calibre of Justice ● Phil Copsey

Phil Copsey's new book is out now! The second instalment of the Tony Signorotto series sees the hard bitten police officer newly promoted to the rank of Senior Sergeant. Still stationed at his beloved Carlton Police Station, but out of the firing line of day-to-day street policing, Tony is hoping that the old street wars that raged between him and his mafia relatives are battles of the past.

Life should be less complicated now. He has made the sacrifice of life on the edge for nine-to-five and the paperwork routine surrounding his mahogany foxhole - until the rumours of a possible firearms raid on the Victoria Police Department. Enough handguns, if stolen, to flood the streets of Carlton and every major city in Australia.

Fast-paced, and brilliantly plotted, The Calibre of Justice is also frighteningly real!
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Convictions of the Heart ● John L. Holgerson
John Holgerson is a US poet who divides his time between the baffling contradictions of the United States and the eternal beauty of the Greek island of Hydra.

John is the author of
Unnecessary Tattoo and Other Stains on a Stainless Steel Heart (Finishing Line Press 2016) and Broken Borders (Wasteland Press 2012). He has published poems in small literary journals, both in print and online. He is listed in Poets & Writers’ Directory of Poets and Writers. He lives in Taunton, Massachusetts and is the founder of the Poetry as Verdict project providing a public venue for high school student-poets to read their work. Since 1995, he resides part of the year on the Greek island of Hydra.

Convictions of the Heart is a rich and poignant collection of beautifully crafted poems.
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Decorating Pain ● Rosie Bogumil
Rosie Bogumil is a poet residing on Gadigal land that we now call Sydney, who aims to create work which is unapologetic in its representation of mental illness. She has had pieces featured both online and in print. In her home town of Geraldton, Western Australia, she was awarded the Randolph Stow Young Writers Award six consecutive times, five of which were first place poetry prizes.

She writes: “As someone whose life has been both marred and moulded by mental illness, writing became a way for me to cope with and heal from my experiences. Mirroring the way that I feel my personal life story is divided,
Decorating Pain is a series of poems in two parts, with each illustrating a different facet of my diagnoses.”
While Decorating Pain is a confronting collection which captures the raw reality of a life lived alongside depression, anxiety, eating disorders and PTSD, it is ultimately an uplifting account of the triumph of
self-acceptance and a celebration of a rich and skilful new poetic voice.
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Unearthly Pleasures ● Steve Evans

Steve Evans was raised in country towns in South Australia. He was previously the Head of English and Creative Writing at Flinders University, and now edits and teaches for community groups and individuals.

Steve says about his latest collection, "Putting
Unearthly Pleasures together reminded me that a collection of poems is like a village. Its residents might share a neighbourhood but each poem is its own creature on its own personal stage. Their character differs. There’s bickering and harmony, contradictions and confluence, raised voices and sometimes disturbing though quiet ones. There are heroes and villains, and some wearing masks, perhaps seeming light-hearted but making a serious point. When I read others’ work, I expect to be challenged; a bit shaken, and to see the world anew. Hopefully, some of that happens here."

Steve Evans' work includes poetry, general adult fiction, crime fiction, and nonfiction. He has received writing grants, won and been short-listed for major prizes, published 14 books, including eight of poetry, and been a writer-in-residence in Australia and overseas.
Easy Money and Other Stories was released in 2019 and he has just completed a Felix Argent crime novel based in rural France.
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For Emma and Elvis ● Charles Hall
The death of Elvis Presley in the seventies triggers a relationship meltdown for an Australian couple…

In the northern summer of 1977 Australians Michael Byrne and Emma Riley are holidaying in Spain. On arriving back in London they are shocked to learn that Presley is dead; news that will have a profound effect on their lives.

For Emma and Elvis follows Michael and Emma as they make their way through the turmoil of the sixties and seventies – the social and political upheavals, the joy and the grief – in Australia and the world.

This was a time when radio DJs were liable to shout, in a suitably snarly tone, ‘Right here we’re gonna go back!’ – before slapping a venerable black disc on the turntable, a gleaming vinyl portal to the past…

For Emma and Elvis likewise leads us to the past, to an era that has gone forever; to Australia in the sixties, when a 20-pack of king-size filters was forty cents, as was a 26 oz bottle of beer, or a gallon of petrol. When men too young to vote were conscripted to fight and die in Vietnam, and violence against women was deemed a domestic of no consequence. A Golden Era, perhaps – but only for some.

The story moves on, and the sixties become the seventies. The death of Elvis, in the dying years of the decade, signals the beginning of the end, one of many nails in the coffin of the old order.

Charles Hall is the author of the acclaimed novel, Summer's Gone.
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The Dog Cops ● Brian Barnard
Brian Barnard served with the Victoria Police Force in Australia for 24 years, 18 of which he spent as a member of the elite Victoria Police Dog Squad. Twenty years after leaving the force, Brian finally sat down to write the first of a series of novels about “the greatest job in the world”: being a police dog handler.

Ben Gibson is living the dream. Married to his high school sweetheart and with two beautiful young children, he's also achieved his ultimate goal of becoming a member of the elite Victoria Police Dog Squad. For Ben life just couldn't be better.

But a series of personal disasters leaves Ben questioning his future. How can he continue in the job he loves when so much has been taken from him? As he struggles to overcome his own feelings of devastation, his boss presents him with the opportunity to make a fresh start.

The Dog Cops is an exciting and authentic look at life in an elite crime fighting unit. Police units the world over are equipped with ever more advanced technology, but nothing matches the skill and tenacity of a well-trained police dog team.
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Todd in Venice ● Sofia Chapman
Todd in Venice is a sparklingly playful script, full of linguistic acrobatics and sexual intrigue, where gender is as fluid as the reality of the city in which it is set. Inspired by Thomas Mann's Der Tod in Venedig (Death in Venice), Sofia Chapman takes her readers on a guided tour of Venice and humanity, by turns poignant, funny, provocative, and joyful.

Todd in Venice premiered in a shortened form at Gasworks Arts Park ‘Playtime’ development program on St Agnes’ night, Midsumma Festival 2016. It opened in its full version in February 2017 for the Midsumma Festival of that year.

Warmly received by audiences at its opening, Todd in Venice is a richly rewarding play to read, allowing a full appreciation of the skilful layering of meaning and language. Truly a delight!
Blue Justice ● Phil Copsey
Blue Justice is an Australian crime novel with a difference: this is cops on the beat. This is a book about real policing. There are no tortured detectives puzzling over motive or building a case on fragments of lucky finds of evidence. Forget the bizarre clues, the mastermind criminals. This is blood-on-the-floor police work.

Sergeant Tony Signorotto has good friends, plenty of enemies, and the sort of family connections that just might get you killed. He may be an old-school cop in a rapidly changing world, but even fashionable Carlton still has a few old-fashioned problems to sort out. And Tony Signorotto is just the man to have on hand to solve them.

Phil Copsey served with Victoria State Police Force, Australia, for forty years. His experience fighting crime on the streets of multicultural Melbourne inspired him to write his debut novel, Blue Justice. His depictions of characters and crimes are infused with authentic operational details. The second book in the series, Calibre of Justice, is due for publication in the first half of 2021.
One Surviving Story ● Twenty-eight writers
The question was simple: if you knew only one of your stories would survive you, which would you choose?

Twenty-eight writers select their best-loved stories for this remarkable anthology.

Footprints in the Hills ● Mudgee Valley Writers
A collection of the life stories of some of Mudgee’s most prominent residents, edited by Jill Baggett and Pamela Meredith, this anthology presents the life stories of a fascinating and enterprising group of individuals.
"Such stories, such variety in the histories of these
people now collected and held for coming generations
to read and wonder. Lives so different from today..."
One Surviving Poem ● Forty-two poets
The question was simple: if you knew only one of your poems would survive you, which would you choose?

The forty-two poets selected for this anthology responded with some surprising choices.
Animalcule ● Anthony Riddelll
Anthony Riddelll's remarkable novella, Animalcule, poses the question, "Should humans have tails?"

Join Dr Bingbang, Ichabod Snell, Strawberrie, Pablo Tater and a host of others as they avoid answering this and many, many other questions.

You will learn, however, the singular of BANANA.

Macaulay Station ● Graeme Sparkes
Macaulay Station is a lament and a celebration. Frank Munro has lost his close friend Charlie, dead just one year, his career is a mundane casualty of the technological revolution, his youth is a memory, another casualty of the tyranny of time.

Frank Munro has had change thrust upon him. He’s trying to adapt. Once an award winning journalist, Frank has been put out to pasture, but he is fighting to renew his purpose, renew his life, and save the woman he loves from her disastrous infatuation.

Can a conversation with a dead man on Macaulay Station point the way?

A novel for anyone who has glimpsed the future and didn't like what they saw.
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Jeremiad Johnson ● Tim Hawkins
Tim Hawkins’ Jeremiad Johnson balances on the razor wire between natural beauty and disgust with the world as it has devolved to us. ...what Hawkins reveals in his poems is a fortifying or merciless vision. Sometimes both.
Elizabeth Kerlikowske

In Jeremiad Johnson, Hawkins takes on the poetic voice of a common man surviving somehow in this world we all share together. This is deft observational poetry that escorts readers into the familiar and recognizable scenes that Hawkins paints for us with vivid imagery, touches of irony and subtle humility.
Barry Harris
Other books published by in case of emergency press

Male Pattern Behaviour
Howard Firkin's novel explores the journals of Thomas Furphy to chart his extraordinary journey to discover meaning in the male role, reform the Australian political system, and regain sexual function.
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At Daytrap
“Despite everything he was a loving man, a man with much to give mankind and womankind, a man who in fact did give, who gave until it hurt. And yet, the world was ungrateful, and even contemptuous. Inevitably he was hurt, and hurt again, and again, and again, and again.”
(from the papers of Reginald Wells )

Reginald Wells' explosive tales of life in rural Australia.

Previously only circulated in ragged samizdat manuscript, this bizarre collection of short stories, at once hilarious, profane, bawdy, tawdry, and unlikely, is now available in an authoritative version. Destined to become an Australian classic.

Not everyone is happy at the rural, Australian way of life depicted in these stories, of course. The eminent Sir Pelham Corrie has written: "One final word. It is not inconceivable that one day some ignorant, jumped-up, crypto-intellectual johnny-come-lately, academic bounder will come along and try to claim that the central character in these stories, the so-called ‘Uncle Vern’, was some kind of modern Sisyphus pushing rocks downhill, a modern Prometheus giving matches to children, some kind of symbol of our times. Well, he certainly is not that. He is nothing but a mountebank, and a living slur on the good name of decent rural folk who are and always have been and always will be the backbone of this great nation of ours."

So don't say you weren't warned. Not recommended for anyone under the age of eighteen. Not recommended for those of delicate or sophisticated taste.

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Fit for Nothing
Howard Firkin's eclectic play which features appearances by Martin Heidegger, Anne Hathaway (both of them), and Pish, the spirit of our age.
A story of love triumphant, even as it fails...

Poetry chapbooks published by in case of emergency press
Palmistry ● Christopher Ringrose
Christopher Ringrose's elegant and sophisticated verse explores mysteries, joys, experiences as they unfurl over decades. These are gentle, explorative, contemplative, but always surprising poems which repay reading and re-reading. Palmistry is the record of life which no one ever predicts.
The eye as it inhales onions ● Lika Posamari
Presenting these intensely personal but always outward-looking poems, Lika Posamari explores the pain, strength, and wisdom that women draw from the complexity of their relationships across generations. These poems invite the reader to share Lika's startling, uncompromising, but ultimately triumphant conclusions.
Also available as ebook (epub) $2.50
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Also available as ebook (Kindle) $3.99
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The Geometry of a Thought ● Gavin Mndawe
The poems in this collection are playful, energetic, and electrically intellectual. Influenced by the rhythms of rap and its inventive exploration and stretching of language to uncover new and unexpected connections, Gavin presents a collection which is simultaneously joyful and provocative.
Lightly, on the Skin ● Em König
Em König has assembled a collection which experiments with forms and structures to present his ideas in poems which display themselves like carefully constructed scenes of a single work of theatre. His poetry is unmistakably personal, but never solemn, never self-important or self-obsessed. He shows how the most important touches may only initially touch us lightly, on the skin, but which may reverberate forever.
real and unreal ● Stephen House
Stephen House's poetry is startling, direct, and fiercely honest. His poems hold your gaze while challenging you to look away. Stephen's poems are a masterful assertion of the existence and persistence of beauty, uncompromised, unblemished, unconquered. Stephen won the 2018 Goolwa Poetry Cup with a performance of two of the poems included in this collection.