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The Ajoona Guesthouse
Stephen House
"Remarkable, original and deeply evocative writing"
"A rich potency and deep poetic magnitude"
Following its successful premiere, we are proud to publish a chapbook edition of the script of Stephen House's brilliant one man play, 'The Ajoona Guesthouse'.

Stephen House is a masterful story teller and The Ajoona Guesthouse is a fast paced celebration of the lives of a wonderfully varied selection of humanity, living on their wits and charm, exploiting and exhibiting unending generosity, caring and careless, fragile and astonishingly strong. Based on the author's lived experience in urban and rural India, The Ajoona Guesthouse is rivetting: entertaining and deeply profound.

Stephen House's first collection of poetry,
real and unreal, is also published by in case of emergency press.
Love Bird
Georgie Harriss
It’s Franny’s eighth birthday and she’s getting her first pet – a cockatiel called Prince Ping Pong.

She’s always wanted someone to love, and more importantly, someone to love her back. But when Prince Ping Pong starts loving their daughter the
wrong way, Joan and Richard are thrown into an absurdist parenting nightmare. They must try to remove the deviant bird while conserving what’s left of Franny’s innocence.

After all, these are her formative years.

Love Bird is a powerful, funny, beautifully crafted play which explores the natural process of childhood sexual development and how it is controlled, twisted and warped - often by those who mean to protect it.
Granny Beggard's Chair
Howard Firkin
Howard Firkin's withering look at life in Mullock, a small Australian town with big plans and bigger characters.

What happens when one of the town's least respected inhabitants becomes one of its most important? Will Granny Beggard's eccentric scheme to avoid another drink driving charge derail Mullock's glorious future?

Sad, funny, wholly unlikely, and wholly predictable, the end of Granny Beggard's dreams are the start of a brand new Mullock.
Todd in Venice
Sofia Chapman
Todd in Venice is a sparklingly playful script, full of linguistic acrobatics and sexual intrigue, where gender is as fluid as the reality of the city in which it is set. Inspired by Thomas Mann's Der Tod in Venedig (Death in Venice), Sofia Chapman takes her readers on a guided tour of Venice and humanity, by turns poignant, funny, provocative, and joyful.

Todd in Venice premiered in a shortened form at Gasworks Arts Park ‘Playtime’ development program on St Agnes’ night, Midsumma Festival 2016. It opened in its full version in February 2017 for the Midsumma Festival of that year.

Warmly received by audiences at its opening, Todd in Venice is a richly rewarding play to read, allowing a full appreciation of the skilful layering of meaning and language. Truly a delight!
Fit for Nothing
Howard Firkin
Howard Firkin's eclectic play which features appearances by Martin Heidegger, Anne Hathaway (both of them), and Pish, the spirit of our age.
A story of love triumphant, even as it fails...
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