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Submission dates
We usally have two submission months each year: March and October. Submissions are accepted from the 1st of the month to the 31st of the month. Any submissions sent outside these dates fall into a cyber hole and are never seen.

Alas, because we're still running late with last October's submissions,
we're not accepting any submissions in March 2024.

We are an Australian publisher, based in Melbourne; so we operate on Melbourne time!
Don't whinge to us if you miss the deadline because you thought the world should operate on your time zone.

If we are accepting submissions, you will find an email address at the bottom of this page to which you can send your manuscript.

We will attempt to answer submissions within twelve weeks. No promises, however. We are currently nowhere near deciding on submissions within twelve weeks;
so you'll have to be prepared to be patient! Our readers are volunteers and do not respond well to coercion.
File format and layout
Your manuscript should be emailed as an attachment as a single file in PDF format. Only files with the extension .pdf will be accepted.

There are no special layout requirements for a manuscript submitted for publication under our imprint; just ensure it is easy to read on screen. We will discuss layout with you if we think we're a good publisher for your work.

If your work is accepted, we will require a copy of the manuscript in Word, Open Document, or RTF format. The file extensions accepted are .doc, .docx, .rtf, and .odt

Please note, if your work is accepted, we will require you to format the copy of your manuscript
to our specifications.This is boring and mildly onerous, but if you're not prepared to do that, hunt around for another publisher. Here's a link to what we'll be asking you to do.
Remember, you don't have to do special with the initial PDF submission - it's only a requirement if your work is accepted.
What do we publish under our imprint?
We publish a small number of literary works every year: poetry, short stories, scripts, and longer fiction. If you have a manuscript ready, we'd be very happy to read it and assess it
We publish full length works (50,000+ words for novels and short story collections; 50+ poems for poetry collections) as well as shorter chapbooks (novella length, short plays, 10+ poems).

Don't worry if you're not sure which category your work falls into. We'll discuss the proposed format with you if we think there's advantage to our publishing you. Send it along.
Submit your manuscript here
We are not accepting submissions at this time. Please check back on 1st October. We look forward to reading your submission in October.
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