Who are you dealing with?
Editorial Director
Howard Firkin
Jeremy Kittson
Assistant Editor
Mila Krejcir
Volunteer Readers
A cast of tireless thousands
Our mission statement
We exist to service emerging writers who are sick of emerging and are ready for the full emergency. Join us!
What do we publish?
This is a hard one because you want to have some idea of the style or type of work we publish and we don't really subscribe to style or type. We publish whatever we like. It has to be (sort of) literary... unless it isn't. What does that mean? Well, one of us has to like it enough to want to publish it, and to fight the others, if necessary. Not a very satisfactory answer, perhaps, but the best we can offer.
Why publish with us and not one of the big publishing houses?
Because we might publish you and they won't.
You wouldn't be considering us otherwise and we wouldn't expect you to.
We see our role as being a springboard publisher for new and emerging writers. We hope that our publishing your work leads to you becoming the world-renowned writer you're certain you ought to be.
How to contact us
We all share the same email; so the best way to contact any one of the editorial staff is to use our contact page. Click here.
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