"Morrison & Mr Moore" shortlisted in Queensland Literary Awards! One of only five shortlisted for Griffith University Young Adult Award!

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Morrison & Mr Moore

Michael Hyde

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Shortlisted in Queensland Literary Awards 2022!

Griffith University Young Adult Award

Selected Notable Book

The Children's Book Of The Year Awards 2022

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Morrison is 17. Smart, sarcastic, annoying, and very angry.

Mr Moore, a school principal on the verge of retirement, has seen it all. Now coping with a wife who has Alzheimers, his plans for his life in retirement are in tatters. The last thing he needs is someone like Morrison.

What happens when two unlikely people find strength in each other?

This unique story is captivating and surprising, bringing tears and laugh-out-loud moments and brilliant insights into the nature of friendship and the problems of ageing at every age.

A novel of strength, hope, humility, and acceptance… and that kid who wears petticoats…

The Ajoona Guesthouse

Stephen House

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Following its successful premiere, we are proud to publish a chapbook edition of the script of Stephen House's brilliant one man play, 'The Ajoona Guesthouse'.

Stephen House is a masterful story teller and The Ajoona Guesthouse is a fast paced celebration of the lives of a wonderfully varied selection of humanity, living on their wits and charm, exploiting and exhibiting unending generosity, caring and careless, fragile and astonishingly strong. Based on the author's lived experience, The Ajoona Guesthouse is rivetting: entertaining and deeply profound.

"The Ajoona Guesthouse gets five stars" - THE ADVERTISER

"A master story-teller... exquisite" - STAGE WHISPERS

"Remarkable, original and deeply evocative" - THEATRE TRAVELS

"... a masterclass in getting it right" - ARTS HUB

"... tight, compelling, always engaging" - BAREFOOT REVIEW

"... a wonderful storyteller... an intriguing tale" - THE CLOTHESLINE

"A rich potency and deep poetic magnitude" - RADIO ADELAIDE

Last Time Around

Will Clattenburg

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With a nod to The Decameron and The Divine Comedy, Last Time Around moves through three sections or "books", as the four central characters travel from German beer garden to Brooklyn music venue to Polish diner. Along the way, the characters eulogize and disparage former acquaintances, lovers, and total strangers in an attempt to mask and skirt around the tender spots in their own lives.

The book’s narrator, Ian, is himself going through a significant period of change when the novel opens. He is starting a new job, moving apartments, and attempting to get over his ex-girlfriend Olivia. Introspective by nature, he grasps the night’s significance when he realizes his friends are also moving in their own directions.

Hovering on the periphery of the evening is Nick Amante, Ian’s undergraduate nemesis from Yale—a vague, stalker-like person and double for Ian. Amante is a young writer whose most recent book, Inferno, has earned minor recognition. Even while Ian dismisses Amante as a hack (quoting liberally from Inferno’s most purple passages), it becomes clear that Amante has a guide-like role to play in Ian’s life. The night ends in a room full of fake mariachis where Ian finally connects with Amante and Olivia, and receives the inspiration to write his own story.

If I Can, You Can

Karen O'Sullivan

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"If I can, you can" is a love story and the life story of Hayden Walsh, a 30-year-old who lives with cerebral palsy. Hayden is a partner, a father, a disability advocate and has a special bond spanning more than 20 years with former AFL Collingwood Coach Nathan Buckley, who has provided a moving foreword for this book.

Hayden’s life journey has been filled with challenges from the day he was born, physical, mental and emotional. With an infectious smile and equally contagious zest for life, Hayden overcomes countless hurdles with good humour and humility, becoming a role model and inspiration for those he encounters.

Love Bird

Georgie Harriss

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It’s Franny’s eighth birthday and she’s getting her first pet – a cockatiel called Prince Ping Pong.

She’s always wanted someone to love, and more importantly, someone to love her back. But when Prince Ping Pong starts loving their daughter the wrong way, Joan and Richard are thrown into an absurdist parenting nightmare. They must try to remove the deviant bird while conserving what’s left of Franny’s innocence.

Love Bird is a powerful, funny, beautifully crafted play which explores the natural process of childhood sexual development and how it is controlled, twisted and warped - often by those who mean to protect it.


Chad Parmenter

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Chad Parmenter's Batmanticism is an extraordinary collection of poems which explores classic poetic themes and forms while dressed in a cosplay mask, cape, and bat boots.

Do not be deceived.

These poems are masterful examples of poetic craftsmanship. Popular culture, or, rather, the way the author manipulates our imaginative response to the figures of popular culture, is used with surgical precision and delivers a collection which is moving, profound, humorous, and intriguing.

Finishing Stroke

Peter Murphy

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Peter Murphy is one of Australia’s most respected poets. His new collection is a generous and ambitious project.

Reflective and joyful in equal measure, profound and playful, Finishing Stroke is rare in offering a deceptively playful immediacy which reveals more and more of its intellectual antecedents on reflection and re-reading.

His work is a linguistic and visual joy.

The Calibre of Justice

Phil Copsey

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Newly promoted to the rank of Senior Sergeant at his beloved Carlton Police Station and out of the firing line of day-to-day street policing, Tony Signorotto is hoping that the old street wars that raged between him and his mafia relatives are battles of the past.

Life should be less complicated now - until rumours circulate of a possible firearms raid on Victoria Police, which would release enough stolen handguns to flood the streets of every major city in Australia.

Fast-paced, and brilliantly plotted, Calibre of Justice is also frighteningly plausible!

Decorating Pain

Rosie Bogumil

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Decorating Pain is a confronting collection by Rosie Bogumil, a five time winner of the prestigious Randolph Stowe Award, who is perhaps better known to spoken word fans as Rosie Bee.

In these searing poems, Rosie captures the raw reality of a life lived alongside depression, anxiety, eating disorders and PTSD, but she also records an uplifting account of the triumph of self-acceptance.

This first collection heralds a rich and skilful new poetic voice.

For Emma and Elvis

Charles Hall

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For Emma and Elvis follows Michael and Emma as they make their way through the turmoil of the sixties and seventies – the social and political upheavals, the joy and the grief – in Australia and the world.

Charles Hall conducts us through the fantasy world of the past where a packet of cigarettes, a gallon of petrol, or a 26 oz bottle of beer cost forty cents; where violence against women was a 'domestic', and therefore of no consequence; where young men, too young to vote, were sent to fight and die in Vietnam.

For Emma and Elvis is a radiant remembrance of a long-gone Australia, but it is also the story of relationships in turmoil, of the dissolution of trust, of the discovery of the true and lasting.

"Morrison & Mr Moore" is #1 Bestseller in its category on Ingram Spark!

Congratulations to author, Michael Hyde!
"If I Can, You Can" is Amazon #1 Bestseller in its category!

Congratulations to author, Karen O'Sullivan and the subject of the biography, Hayden Walsh!

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